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Letter from Abnashi Ram to Dina Nath Varma

Date: 1958
Type: Correspondence
Creator: Abnashi Ram

Abnashi Ram
Box 1474
Beverly Hills Cal

Dear Brother Diwanalt,
~Circa 1958

“Thanks for lovely letter accompanied by one from Munjo, Whoze English and handwriting is much better than that of mine. Your decision to give Munjo gives her some experience and further education; before let her go out is quite correct. Under normal conditions, I probably would have encouraged her trip here earlier, but my illness last year and my business adversily foces me to be selfish and alsoher further knowledge and experience in India will be more useful especially if you has interest in foreign service, where the field for New India is unlimited.

Last three four months I spent in Washington and New York. In Washington I was quite closer to Saund and saw inside political machinery, had quite a few close conferances and meeting with Senators congressmen- this high brass. Saund has been invested. Some extraordinary powers by the congress and USA [?] and regardless of what INDIA thinks and does, he can do quite a few things on behalf of India and he already has done quite a bit. Love for motherland remains, something more so, when one has been away for longer period. USA Govt is making a noble experiment.

While on the East Coast, I met some outstanding Indians too, including Kushna Men with whom I refuse to shake hands as I consider him a McCarthy type got notoriety by calling names and now wants to become a GANDHI or something. Followed the process more because of Mennonis attitude & the way he has antagonized the whole world, just hypnotized himself with glowing words of his own. Certainly a brilliant man but if NEHRO cant do better than study hard, only Russia will be on INDIA’s side and that toocutain Russia own motives. Also had a few happy days with K. B. DATTA of Ambale Tribe and met Pem Bhath, so many other international[?]. Most certainly enjoyed all K. B. DATTA, I hope remembers me and in case you have a chance to get together, do it. Unfortunately I met him under very adverse financial situation but he did not seem to mind it and he was around me more although people like BIRLA and MENNON wants him more.

Upon return, I find Rahan Raj and children happier than ever. Just precious. NUCE [?] home on the hill, two cars, good comfortable job. Gura also returned from JAPAN, but could not see him. On the way we missed one and then however on the phone, he seems happy.
Myself, happy however financially quite resigned to the fact that just daily bread and a few healthy days are fortunate share. Devoting my energies toward U.S.A and India friendship, quite an unproportely assignment undertaken. You might hear more later. Love you with [?]. Abnashi Ram

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