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Letter from Dina Nath to Abnashi Ram

Date: June 28, 1955
Type: Correspondence
Creator: Dina Nath Varma

  28th June, 1955.

My dear brother Ram,

I am sorry that I could not reply to your two letter eelier. To be frank, I did try to write to you but there was nothing on my mind that I thought would interest you.

Everything is going on in the same dull way. Politics does not interest me now although I turn out everyday something that gets into cold print next morning. And then, we are poles apart in our point of view.

I sometimes feel that the age of liberal thinking is over. The problems are not discussed on merits. Side are already taken. The conclusion are drawn even before the arguments are considered. That is perhaps the legacy of Hitler and Stalin. Then, this cold war! It is northing but symptoms of intellectual dishonesty. It is resistance to new ideas. Even if one is convinced of the correctness of his adversary’s point of view, one must oppose him.

I hope it is only a passing please and our children will not have to suffer into his suffocating atmosphere. I am glad to know that Gurn is doing wonderfully well. I knew he would fit in very nicely in in the changed conditions. I hope his success in making money doesn’t go to his head. There are other things in life also as important as swelling the bank balance. He should join some night school and maintain the student’s sprit of trying to know more about men and everything.

You have not written to me about your business. I suppose you are doing very well since it is all round prosperity in America.

You haven't written to me about Raj ? Does she inend to some back to India in near future?

Manu is appearing in Matric next year. You know what the examinations mean in this country. She is got to get through for she is bent upon being a career woman.

She is anxious to join the foreign serive.

I met Govdhan Das end Lajpat Rei about a week ago. They both are doing fine. I have not been to Delhi lately. Nobody writes to me from that side although the news trickles through.

Uncle Anokharam is dead. My two maternal Uncles, Ram Labhaya and Ganeshdass are on the verge of departure.

Aren’t we growing old? It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

Yours affectionately,

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