Letter from Abnashi Ram to Syud Hossain

Type: Correspondence
Creator: Abnashi Ram

best in science in common daily language that fascinated the highest to the lowest in that line. See to self made merchants like Wattumull who started with practically nothing and with hard work and initiative can compete with almost tops in his territory. J. J. Singh, with nothing in educational to backup and no Oxford or Harvard degrees to help, could surpass any lobbyist or publicity man any where. Leaving alone the prince of spices and the Kings of incense or chutnees or in even in writing books that became part of every library like in U.S.A. My India and My U.S.A America. What else a few helpless handfull could do more. I am not mentioning your echievements in fighting for mother land against the millions of dollars worthof propaganda from our lords and Mastersand the Holifoxes and unholycommentors.

But collectively we have been a miserable failures.The unpleasant history of it from very Ghadar till start till todays New Yorks political discussion are so unhappy, so miserable, so disappointing.

We have the goods, but we market it poorly. but my belief is, that the country which has given birth to three biggest revolutions in the world I mean the Great American revolution, The Russian revolutions, The Irish revolution, besidesCzhekeslovokia and so many others, and produce the results that none in the world could help admire, would not be any more than a passing parade for us.

The material is here Dr Hossein. We could no find any one in the world to lead us, than yourself. We must stop our petty jeolousies, cheap back biting, unhealthy ambitions, unpleasant tongue slashing, and Unworthy and unbecoming, ungentlemanly commendations. You have been above and over that. Your sacrifice, your devotion, your courage your untiring efforts, your genuine spirit is like a be con light to us. You must have faults too as otherwise, you will be an angel, no earthly being could be angels. but just for few ordinary things, youwhich wyou probably could discard any time, you got to guide everyone now. If under one leadership we could pool all our resources, whether finacialy, or whatever we, each of us co could contribute, and above all if instead of fighting ourselves, we use the energy to fight the enemy, and above all if can’t push the parade of victory for Mother India, we don’t dare to to pull it backward, who knows, that you may be Lenin or Devalera or Bene of India, and the first premiar of our land, to cement all the differences of all the class and the creeds, and steer the wheels through the coming storm into peaceful calm ocean of future progress. It will need some personal sacrifice on your behalf and on behalf of all of us. But personally I feel you are the man. You have everything that takes to make the grade. I hope that and pray the with divine guidance along with you personal sincere untiring effort you succeed.

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Donor: Roshan and Raj Sharma
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