Letter from Abnashi Ram to M.R. Ahuja

Letter from Abnashi Ram to M.R. Ahuja discussing his thoughts on the victory of President Nixon in addition to the Vietnam War.

Date: 1973
Type: Correspondence
Creator: Abnashi Ram

My Dear Mulk Raj,

Thanks for yours of a few days back. I hope by this time you are out of the hospital and again feeling better than ever. Yes I miss you too. Still I have fresh and very pleasant memories of visit with you, your family and relatives. Before the lights of life flicker away, I have a great desire to see you and India. However my declining age and diminishing means show me no promise of such a miracle.

My life here, has become a routine. Blessings of being an American are unlimited. Plentiful food, uptodate sanitation and all the comforts that are not available to wealthy in many countries, are at the disposal of even a humble man like me.

You asked for some juicy news. Today here it is the next election of the president. Being a staunch republican, we are happy to see the land slide for Mr. Nixon. No speculation npw about it. Mr. Nixon has done a good job for this country. Our two outstanding enemies Red China and Communist Russia are on their knees already. Russia begging for wheat and China asking for airplanes and other modern things with ‘know how’.
Bloody disgraceful Vietnam chapter that the democrats started is close to end.

Of course being born in India, my sympathies go also for India. After all the help in food, medicine and other things we in U.S.A so generously gave to India, shows no appreciation. Economically, racially linguistically and traditionally USA and India have so much in common that Russian bear cannot offer India. India may justify that she was forced into such a predicament, but still there is a chance for the leaders to realize to mend the differences and bend gracefully to avoid any further clevage between these two great nations.

All this Viet Nam war brings to me the memories of Spainish civil war of late 30-s bloodshed. Real breakdown came afterwards in 41.
League of Nations was helpless and so is now United Nation.
Today the biggest international trade is in arms and ammunation.
Advanced countries, in order to keep their home economy keep going must manufacture that hardware and ship it to unfortunate senseless nations, who actually need food, medicine, etc. If India and Pakistan don’t come to senses, like kairon Pando, Panipat may actually become the center of Mahabharta the real w.w 3rd.
Mr Nixon has demonstrated it in Vit Nam and there will be hardly any hesitation some other place. Israil or Pakistan designated places for the hardware movement from Viet Nam experiment grounds.
May I be wrong and God forbid such ugly happenings, but it is quite possible.
Not a cheerful note my friend and you know more about such things but you asked for it.
My affectionate regards to you, family, friends. Why not a word from Sardar Ji.
We all are O.K. and I sure like to hear from you once a while.

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