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Letter from Abnashi Ram to Mumtaz Kitchlew

Letter from Abnashi Ram to Mumtaz Kitchlew, in which Ram voices support for Dr. Jagan Nath Sharma, whose efforts led to the creation of the National Committee for India’s Freedom.

Political Engagement

Date: August 30, 1943
Subject(s): National Committee for India's Freedom, Jagan Nath Sharma
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Abnashi Ram
Location: Hollywood Treasures, 6620 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

My Dear Mumtaz,

Forgive me for not answering your previous letters and please accept my thanks for the last one. It was like a ray of beautiful sunshine in dark dungeon.

referring to your remarks on Sharmas ‘India freedom is Americas problem’ your negative attitude in the matter is quite unpleasant to the better taste. Of course we all have right to discuss and cuss every phrase of the situation. And with all due respect to the depth of your knowledge of the matter, a few facts I would like to present to yourself.

None to my knowledge including Sharma and others that we know, will disagree with the statement that ultimately we will have to fight p physically and no Whitehouse declaration and no 10 Downing St will give us any sort of freedom.

However life is a fight. Whether it is an individual or a nation. Today there are very few out in the world to even present the case of India. Best brains and heads of India’s cause are behind the bars. That includes Hindus Sikhs or Moslims. We few in U.S.A. must raise some sort of voice regardless of what the opposition may be. This country so benevolently allows us to present our cause. Just to sit in my room and sulk my gizzard off day and night about what an unfortunate predicament my country and my people are, will never liberate the country either.

Now in my estimation Sharma is the first one in U.S.A. who unselfishlngly and wholeheartedly withe- the cooperation of a few other good ones have actually tried to get the ball rolling and presenting the case before the American public. No doubt a few individuals have been doing the best they could but single handed. In cooperation lies the secret of force. Mind you inspite of Mr Churchill’s power here [?] nip any movement on our behalf right in the bud, yet there are, and you [?] very willingly agree, many a good Americans who feel the way we feel. But they are incapable to back up anything, when there is no organization to back. Certainly from your point of view nothing of actual result to come from a movement here, it has to start right in India. But what harm presentation of our case will do. Only harm I can see when our own always keep on disagreeing and kicking back the people who will try to do. You know we can not in any way carry your program, here. There is no way we can launch an army or organise anything to carry a very effective programme, but while these are the only means at our disposal, and then there are some who are willing to spend the money earned right here, to the cause, why it should not be pushed a head.

In our younger days, we all looked towards you as a promising young man.

My personal attitude towards all these societies and Mahasabhas and league is the same as and was practically the same as yours. But in my judgement the war is not over. Before it gets to any decisive stage this country will need some help from India. We must fight to whatever extent we can, and we must have some organised way to do it, within the laws of this country.

We have the material, we have the men. Just because we know them little clos and know their faults, we mar their quality. You are one of the outstanding Indians and we all need your moral as well as financial support. It is not the amount but the spirit you give it with.

There is no use to hide our faults in India. Your point of house cleaning obliteration of caste and untouchability and various other points are not unknown to any one. But you must remember, neither Sharma, nor Syud Hoss nor any one can do anything about it for India, but just because of that we should not in any shape keep our mental caste system, amongst very few of us.

You know the feeling between Sharma and myself has never been so intimate or too friendly that I shall back up anything he does. But my point is that we need some sort of organization and some sort of presentation in this country unless you would rather prefer the our noble Lords and Masters the Britishers keep on doing for us through Miss Mayos and missionaries.

Let us forgive and forget our petty differences, and as a good law abiding American push our cause, the best we can, use all the resources at our disposal. We need you as much, and if nothing more at least a good word. Get behind the cart and give it a push or at least don’t stop the small force behind it. Just be sure that Sharma’s Movement would never be any [?] than the British anti-Indian movements.

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Donor: Roshan and Raj Sharma
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