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Letter from Gobind Behari Lal to Editor of The March of India

Letter from Gobind Behari Lal to the editor of The March of India contesting a statement made by Khushwant Singh in an article published in the January-February issue which accused Ram Chandra, President of the Ghadar Party 1914-1917, of being a "British spy." Ram Chandra was shot and killed by a member of a rival faction of the Ghadar Party during the Hindu-German Conspiracy Trial (1917). The accusation of espionage, Lal wrote, was "untrue and shockingly slanderous."

Subject(s): Ram Chandra
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Gobind Behari Lal
Location: One University Place, New York, NY

Collection: Godha Ram Channon, Papers of
Item History: 2014-11-20 (created); 2014-12-05 (modified)

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