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Letter from Taraknath Das to Godha Ram Channon

Letter from Taraknath Das to Godha Ram Channon dated August 20, 1950. Das writes, "Today’s cable from India indicates that India has rejected a compromise solution of Kashmir question and great deal of pressure will be brought upon India to partition Kashmir." Das informs Channon that he is distributing copies of his article on Kashmir to members of the Indian government and urges Channon to distribute the copies Das already sent him widely, both in English and Gurmukhi. Das also laments that he would be able to do more if he had more money. On the final page of his letter, Das writes, "Partition of India is no more a settled fact than the permanence of the British Rule in India. [...] Spread this idea widely."

Date: August 20, 1950
Subject(s): Godha Ram Channon
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Taraknath Das
Location: New York, NY

Collection: Godha Ram Channon, Papers of
Item History: 2014-11-07 (created); 2014-12-09 (modified)

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