Letter from K.R. Sabarwal to Godha Ram Channon

Letter from K.R. Sabarwal to Godha Ram Channon dated January 19, 1953. Sabarwal informs Channon that Khushwant Singh, who published an article in the January-February issue of The March of India accusing Ram Chandra, President of the Ghadar Party 1914-1917, of being a "British Spy", was moving forward with plans to publish a book titled The Sikhs. "In all probability he will include in [the book] that very chapter in which he abused Ram Chandra Jee," he writes. Lal urges Channon to use his political influence to get Singh’s statement expunged from the book.

Date: January 19, 1953
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: K.R. Sabarwal
Location: New Delhi, India

35/21, Ferozshah Road,
New Delhi. India.
January 19, 1953

My dear Godha Ram Jee:

I learn you are back in San Francisco to take up the threads of old life again. I miss you a lot, most especially when I go to the New Book Depot side. Lala Feroz Chand and I discuss you each time we meet. You certainly left an everlasting impression on our hearts and minds.

Did you have a good time in Japan? I wonder if any of my friends could be any use to you there! I am out of that country since 1936, and as you can well imagine my links with the country and the people are not as strong as they used to be when I was there in person. I am planning to be there again in about a couple of months.

Mr. Khushwant Singh who wrote against Pundit Ram Chandra is now bringing about a book “The Sikhs” which will be published by Messrs. Allen and Unwin, London. In all probability he will include in that that very chapter in which he abused Ram Chandra Jee. It is time you took some action through Mrs. Vijyalakshmi Pundit or some influential friends to have that part expunged from the book. I am helpless as I gave no political influence. Having protest from my side would be of no avail. I am prepared to open a journalistic broadside provided some one in the United States opens the discussion in one of the newspapers in India. It can be done by you, Mrs. Chandra, anyone of his two daughters or someone of his old collaborators. In the meanwhile, it is abso-lutely necessary to take immediate action to bring political pressure upon the fellow through Mrs. Pandit or some first-rate politician in India. The book, I learn, is still in the proof-reading stage.

I have had two letters from Sarna after the one had been sent to him through you. A very dear friend of mine, Mr. C. Kondapi, who went as an adviser with the Indian delegation to the United Nations last October and is now back in India, also met him and has assured me that Sarna has the warmest feelings for me. I am quite satisfied now. I am writing to him today and am also sending this letter through him to be posted in New york to save R.⅛ which, as ou know, is quite a saving for me these days.

With nest wished for your health and happiness and hoping to hear from you once in a while, I am,

Very sincerely yours,
K.R. Sabarwal

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