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Immigration File for Viryam Singh

The immigration case file for Viryam Singh (Case File No. 12815/8-10). Detained at Angel Island Station, Viryam Singh arrived in San Francisco on the S.S. Persia from Manila. During an interrogation, conducted by R.E. Peabody and interpreter J.S. Dady Burjar, Singh was taken in custody on suspicion that he would become a "public charge." The case file includes several letters dated from 1966 regarding Waryam (sic) Singh. These letters were an exchange between R.C. Jugran, Vice Consul of the Consulate General of India.

Early Immigration

Date: August 25, 1913
Subject(s): Viryam Singh
Language: English
Location: Angel Island, CA

Holding Institution: The National Archives at San Francisco
Collection: Immigration Arrival Investigation Case Files
Digitizer: Manan Desai
Item History: 2013-11-12 (created); 2014-03-18 (modified)

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