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Complaint Report

Complaint report dated March 12, 1967 from the Lodi Police Department filed by Mr. Netz in Lodi, California.

The complaint report reads: "Reports he hears a man calling for help next to the Eagles Hall. Officers found RAMESH CHANDRA (70), 215 N. Sacramento St. inside on the floor. Transported to Lodi Memorial Hospital via Lodi Ambulance Service. Treated by DR. NEWBOLD. Transferred to San Joaquin County Hospital. CHANDRA'S wallet contained $121.10 placed in the safe at the Lodi P.D. for safe keeping, it was found on the floor inside 215 N. Sacramento."

Law & Justice

Date: March 12, 1967
Subject(s): Ramesh Chandra
Language: English
Location: 215 N. Sacramento Street, Lodi, CA

Collection: Vaishno Das and Kala Bagai Family Materials
Donor: Rani Bagai
Item History: 2013-08-21 (created); 2013-10-01 (modified)

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