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Freedom for India Now!

Pamphlet titled Freedom for Indian Now! published by the New York-based Post War World Council, featuring writings by Pearl S. Buck, Lin Yutang, Krishnalal Shridharani, Arthur Garfield Hays, A. Philip Randolph, Anup Singh, Roger Baldwin, and Norman Thomas. The pamphlet contains speeches, messages, and excerpts from a meeting of the Post War Council on August 6, 1942. The editor Mary W. Hillyer writes about the pamphlet: "They show the solidarity of peoples -- black, white, and yellow, for a free world."

Freedom Movement

Date: August 6, 1942
Language: English
Creator: Post War World Council
Contributor: Anup Singh, Norman Thomas, Mary W. Hillyer, Arthur Garfield Hays, Chu Hsueh-Fan, Krishnalal Shridharani, Lin Yutang, Roger N. Baldwin, Pearl S. Buck, A. Philip Randolph
Location: 112 East 19th Street, New York, NY

Collection: Mahesh and Ishwar Chandra Family Materials
Donor: Rani Bagai
Item History: 2012-12-14 (created); 2013-08-27 (modified)

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