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Letter from Taraknath Das to William Arba Ellis

Letter from Taraknath Das to William Arba Ellis dated February 22, 1911. Das updates Ellis on his whereabouts, discussing his time at the University of Washington and his future education plans.

Date: February 22, 1911
Subject(s): William Arba Ellis
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Taraknath Das
Location: Seattle, WA

Box 175
University Station
Seattle, Wash.
Feb 22 - 11

Dear friend Mr. Ellis,

In response to your letter of the recent date I beg to say these few words about my work.

I came to Seattle in June 1909, attended the summer school of the University of Washington. Then entered the University of Wash as a senior student in the dept of political & social science. I graduated June 1910 and have been conferred with the honor of [?] Fellowship of $416 for a year to do some original research work in Dept. of Political Science. I expect to take my A.M. at June 1911. the same dept. where I graduated 1910 I took History & Philosophy as my minor studies. I expect to get University teacher's certificate this year.

I am not certain what I shall do next but probably shall go to some other University to continue my studies up to PhD.

In the first year of my stay in the University of Wash I was elected the Correspondent Secy of the Cosmopolitan Club. I revived the Philosophical Club in U. of W and was elected President of it. Later part of the year I was elected President of the Cosmopolitan Club. I am a member and President of the Social Democratic Club. I am now the National Vice-President of the Association of Cosmopolitan Clubs.

I was elected a member of National Geographic Society 1910. I am now a member of Orient-Occidental Club of Seattle which is comprised of most prominent men of the city such as the [?] Consul + the High Commercial Commissioner of U.S. representing the Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Coast.

I fought for Woman Suffrage which in the "U" of W. I have championed the cause of establishing a free hospital in the U of W + I have been successful.

Lastly not the least I have now organized an assn. for the Promotion of Education of the people of India the copy of an appeal of the assn is sent to you for your perusal.

May I expect a favor that you will kindly send a copy of the appeal to General Dodge. I shall write to you later in detail. I hope this will find you good health & happy environment. In a great haste,
Taraknath Das

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