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Letter from Mrs. Gustav Lange to Bhagwan Singh Gyanee and Concorde Brodeur

Letter dated September 17, 1962 from Gustav Lange to Concorde Brodeur, Bhagwan Singh Gyanee's secretary. Lange inquires about Gyanee's health (who had unbeknownst to Lange passed away by then) and inquires about the silence from Brodeur.

Date: September 17, 1962
Subject(s): Bhagwan Singh Gyanee, Concorde Brodeur
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bella Lange, Gustav Lange
Location: 117 East 37th Street, New York, NY

117 East 37th St. New York 17. 1962 Sept 17. 1962 Dear Dr. Gyanee Dear Concorde- I am deeply concerned at your long silence Concorde and am taking this means to get news of you as your last note was written, August 1st Rec’d. Aug. 6th Dr. Gyannee- I sincerely trust that your health has improved and that you now can resume the great task you have set out to accomplish and you, sister dear-do drop us a line and relieve our anxiety over your silence. Kindest regards to Dr. Gyanee our love to you Concorde dear Ever lovingly Bella and Gustav Concorde- P.S. I mailed you a letter. AIR MAILED- (not one of these) and enclosed a Kodacolor picture of us- which should have reached you the middle of August. The Soles you can expect perhaps later in September as we mailed it insured also in August.

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