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Letter from C.L. (Neal) Aldrich to S.P. Singh

Letter from C.L. (Neal) Aldrich to S.P. Singh, discussing the passing of Bhagwan Singh Gyanee and plans for writing his biography.

Subject(s): S.P. Singh
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: C.L. (Neal) Aldrich
Location: 2832 Leeward Ave., Los Angeles, CA

2832 Leeward Ave. Los Angeles 5, Calif. S.P. Sing 1936, Ch. Karori Amritsar, Punjab INDIA My Dear Mr. Sing: Your letter of Oct.17, last, addressed to my wife Margaret was received some weeks ago, but because we were in the process of moving our residence, and relative confusion, plus the fact that Margaret is out of the City I am now attempting to answer your communication for her and for myself. I had learned of Dr. Gyaneejii’s passing thru mutual friends here before you letter arrived. However, I was most glad to hear directly from you. I am an old student of his and his passing was a real sorrow to me as I held him in the highest esteem and was very close to him for several years while he lived here in California. The world and particularly America and India has lost a great man and a brilliant mind. Gyaneejii left many friends here and many of them will grieve at learning of his ongoing. He has earned his place of greatness in this world as I know he will enter into even a higher reward in the next, where rewards are sure to be his. Yes indeed, both Margaret and myself are certainly desirous of going ahead with the Biography. Much work has already been done on it and we have many hours of taped dictation direct from Gyaneejii, as well as many documents and papers. However, there is so very much work to be done correlating all the data and much more to be obtained in documentary research, that it is anticipated it will take about a year or more to do the completed biography and maintain the accuracy and authencitcy which we know Gyaneejii would have insisted upon were he here to cooperate personally with us. I think you are very wise to want to biography completed here in America, where no prejudice or other deterring factors will enter into or becloud the great truth and work which represents this Master Life. Certainly, Margaret and I were perhaps a close to Gyaneejii as any two persons in America, and we enjoyed his unqualified confidences, even to some of the most intimate ones. It is encouraging to know that you too were in his great confidence and that he felt secure in turning over to you his valuable and treasured papers and records. As you know, Margaret holds Gyaneejii’s singed and exclusive authorization executed here before he left for India, commissioning her to write his Biography. Work has already begun, and I am certain that the pictures properly identified as to time and place and relative circumstances, plus the confidential facts you mention you have to disclose all would be a great contribution to this mammoth undertaking, and would serve valuable to enhance the authenticity of the finished biography of this great man. Therefore, if we may have you full cooperation and if you wish to expedite completion of the work, you may forward in confidence the facts and artifacts in your possession, with assurance that they will be carefully guarded and incorporated in the completed work. Such may of course be returned to you after we have finished with them. The competed work will be published here in the United States by reliable and recognized publishers in accordance with the original agreement between Dr. Bhagwan Singh Gyanee, with the usual royalties. Of course it is anticipated that the book will be published in many languages, particularly in Hindi; or, if desired the India rights to the book can be negotiated with the proper authorities there. However, to preclude the possibility of censorship alterations, it might best be published here and translated for Indian distribution in the original text unaltered in any degree. Thus the great Indian peoples will have firsthand truths and authentic facts placed before them thru this Biography which is of a Great Man who played a most important role in India’s ultimate Freedom from England. I have often hoped that Gyaneejii would receive full recognition on his return to India, which he loved so much, and that the Nehru government would not only show him this full recognition, but would take him into council on many of the problems. Gyaneeji certainly could have been a valuable help because of his vast knowledge of world affairs and his intimate and up-to-date information and contact with many emportant people throughout the world. But, as is too often the case, it will take a comprehensive summation of the life and experience and wisdom of the man to really bring about a complete recognition of the work he performed on the highest standards and with greatest wisdom out of a deep and profound love of Country and His People, and anunconquerable desire to see them FREE. He could have contributed much of that FREEDOM, once it was gained and India as well as America and the rest of the world are the loosers for not having availed themselves of the Man’s Wisdom and Knowledge in the ART OF LIVING in these confused and harassing times. He was feerless and unafraid, and with complete disregard for his own person when it came to Mother India, He established the American Culture Society in America and left us also a great and profound heritage of Wisdom, which will take generations to understand and utilize as he would have it done; but, ultimately, the World must see and recognize the Great Truths which he so ably propounded and set forth in tireless effort for all to “drink of, who could or would”. I have on tape many of his lectures covering everything from World Events, Political Science, to the Dynamics of Self-Culture, Evolution of the Ideal Man, Mysteries and Functions of the Subconscious Mind and the Pattern of the Cosmic Universe and the Pattern of the Human Personality. I have all of his books, some 20 or 30 of them. Perhaps you’d be interested to know that Gyaneejii performed the Marriage Ceremony which united Margaret and I, and he told us that it was the first (and now seems to be the last) he performed within the New Concept of the Institute of Culture. Of this we are very proud, and you may gather from this why we were delegated by him to undertake the work of presenting the world with his LIFE STORY in biographical form as the “HUNTED HINDU”. Well, this is becoming lengthy, and before you are bored with so much conversation, I’ll bring this letter to a close. It has been like talking with an old and mutual friend, and I do hope that we shall hear from you again soon. I promise that much less time shall lapse before replying to your next letter. With every good wish for you and yours, and a Prayer for your good health and happiness and that of all India, I remain Most Sincerely yours, C.L. Aldrich C.L. (Neal) Aldrich, M.D.S., D.D.

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