A Hindu Prayer

Illustrated document containing a "Hindu Prayer"


Subject(s): Hinduism
Language: English

From unreal, from sight and sense,
From Passions strong appeal,
Lead us, Divine all knowing One,
Lead us, to the Real.
From the darkness, born of Ignorance,
From nature's bewildering night,
Lead us, Thou Self-effulgent One,
Lead us to the Light.
From Birth and Death,
From time and change,
From unreality, Lead us, Thou Self-
Existent One, To Immortality. So
Lead us through, and through ourselves,
In ourselves distill
The Lotus Perfume of Thy Love,
Thy Beauty and Thy Will.
~ A Hindu Prayer ~

Collection: Bhagwan Singh Gyanee Materials
Donor: S.P. Singh
Digitizer: Anne Vagts, Samip Mallick
Item History: 2012-07-23 (created); 2013-08-27 (modified)

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