Letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to Mary Neal Richardson

A letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to the painter Mary Neal Richardson. Singh addresses the letter to "Dear Mother."

Date: November 26, 1934
Subject(s): Mary Neal Richardson
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bhagwan Singh Gyanee
Location: St. Regis Hotel, 82nd and Euclid, Cleveland, OH

St. Regis Hotel 82d and Euclid Cleveland, Ohio November 26, 1934. Mrs. Mary Neal Richardson, Canton, Maine. Dear Mother: Your letter written in September was received and we hope you will pardon our seeming negligence in replying--will do better next time. We have had a very busy year--we all have to work twice as hard now to keep going--but our efforts are being rewarded during this last three months of the year. We opened in Minneapolis on the 4th of September and did not leave until the 4th of November--two very busy months in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. We had a delightful group of students in both cities who took our courses in The Art of Living, Mental Development and Occultism and Mysticism. Our lectures opened in Cleveland on the 11th and we have just finished our first class, with sixty in attendance, and are now in our second series of lectures preceding our mental training course. We hope our classes will justify our staying here the remainder of the year. From here we do not know just where we will be going--it all depending upon how sever the weather becomes. If I can judge correctly, I think you are better off without the studio. There was not enough work in Boston to pay for itself, and that added expense is a burden which you particularly should not carry. The same amount of money you can put on yourself for your necessities and get along nicely in your home at Canton. There you will find open companionship with nature, which is very essential for the inspiration to paint. At the same time you should try to work out a definite plan by which you can get a dozen or two students who want to learn the art of paining. Charge them a certain tuition per month and give them a certain number of lessons each month. Either they should come to you where you are, or you could make arrangements with roundtrip tickets on bus lines or railroads and in that way get the reduced rates. Things could be made so much easier if a person knows how. It is good to know you are alert mentally and can adjust yourself to new conditions. I know you will be doing creative work as long as you live, and that is a great blessing. We have thought of you so often and hope when we come farther east we will be able to see you and have a little visit with you. Until then, Mrs. Gyanee and the girls join me in sending you our best love. Sincerely,

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