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Letter from Mary Neal Richardson to Bhagwan Singh Gyanee

Letter from the painter Mary Neal Richardson to Bhagwan Singh Gyanee, dated September 3, 1934.

Date: September 3, 1934
Subject(s): Bhagwan Singh Gyanee
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Mary Neal Richardson
Location: Canton, ME

Canton Maine Sep. 3rd 1934

Dear "Sons" & All the family

I was very glad to hear from you all and know something of your movements. I have been thinking of you but realize that for a good mother I have been very neglectful of my children. The past six months, destiny has chosen to make my life difficult with health not robust and uncertain business. The first of June I gave up my large expensive studio in Boston which I had occupied for twenty-nine years and moved to my country home and studio here in Maine which will be my only headquarters in the future. It was quite a ??? my life has been so devoted to Boston but it had to be done and here I am. With so many "stakes to pull up" it took me from April first to June 1st to prepare for the change. I did some painting in Brookline in June while visiting an old friend so did not arrive here until the third of July. A pupil from New York arrived at Pinewood about the same time others came later and every morning was devoted to teaching landscape painting until August seventeenth and there was only three hours in the afternoon to gradually settle my house and studies with all the added furniture and pictures. Just now I am working on an oil portrait after data of Prof. Parker Gordon Bowne, a great philosopher, for Boston University. It will be finished in about two weeks. ??? and a professor from the college will motor down to see it and I shall probably go to Boston for the ceremony of the unveiling.

Of course it is a great relief to be free from the responsibility of the Boston studio which was becoming too much of a burden. When my work is wanted I can always hire a studio temporarily to do the work, either in Boston, Providence or New York or anywhere. I enjoy having the reproduction of my drawing of you on my desk have had very little time for reading or studying lately, but have interpreted Aquarius to audiences Sunday afternoons in Boston and here in Deering the Camp season. I do not foresee what the winter will do for me. I want to keep in touch with you. Sometime you may come within easy distance from here and come to see us.

My sister who attended your class in Boston with me spent last winter in St. Petersburg Florida. She stopped a few days in Maine on her way and the day she was leaving she picked up one of your announcements on the street saying that you would arrive the next day. She wrote me that she would like to have stayed and heard your lectures again but the friend who was with her didn't wish to change their plans. She has just been to see me from camp and wishes me to give you her regards.

I am always interested to know where you are and how your wonderful work is prospering and am grateful for messages from you all.

With affectionate regards to all.

From "Mother."

Mary N. Richardson

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