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Letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to "Bibiji"

Letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to "Bibiji."

Date: March 17, 1938
Subject(s): American Institute of Culture
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bhagwan Singh Gyanee
Location: 1118 De La Vina Street, Santa Barbara, CA

1118 De La Vina Street
Santa Barbara, California
March 17, 1938

Blessed Bibiji:

We were still rejoycing over the merriment of your letter (sounded as though the old self is again at the helm) when the papers and magazine arrived. Thank you.

After such a close association of long standing, I can readily understand how Ann’s departure must have disturbed you. But Henry is with you, and you are not alone. Don’t you know that our thoughts are with you so often, you are almost a part of our family? And we hope that we shall see you for a day or so within the next month.

We are journeying towards Southern California once more instead of going out to Portland and Seattle, at this time. Our lectures open in Pasadena, at the Pasadena Masonic Temple on March 25. And if we can manage a few days respite from our work about the middle of April, we may surprize you some morning.

Your weekly get-to-gether meetings sound most interesting, the Girls coming from Coronada, and Captain Wheaton and his dear family must bring you many spirited discussions. Why don’t you make Thursday, open house to all the serious students of life in San Diego. Have open discussions. Let someone read for fifteen or twenty minutes from one of our lessons, or the Art of Living. Then open a discussion, what they think of it. That will give you an intellectual pursuit befitting your own inclinations. All those who participate will loook forward to such a stimulating evening with great expectation. In this manner you will build a circle of intellectuals around you, and now and then invite a few select individuals just to give them something to do and think about. It will supply the needed impetus to yourself as well as others.

So Dharma Vira has become worried over my Indianism. That is really good. You might just mention to him (in your next letter) that those years of exile have meant greater appreciation of the beauty and grandeur of my Motherland, and never has the well-being of my country and its people (a hope and ideal which motivates my every deed) been dearer to me. Who knows, perhaps the time is not too far distant when I shall see my old associates. Ask him to convey my kindest personal regards to Bhaiji.

The two lessons on “Dimensions” which I sent to you were not so well organized, nor did they clarify the issues involved. So I am revisiting them, and as soon as they have been retyped, you shall have a copy. I shall send one to Dhara Vira and also Bhai-Parmand ji.

The students here are enthusiastic, earnest and loyal. They are anxious to have an American Institute of Culture. The ideal is still a dream. But it shall materialize. With the earnestness of friends like you, the Wheaton Family, the Girls, and other sincere students our dream is nearer realization. With conversations and passing the ideal along, one day it may reach just the right person who is waiting for such an opportunity to contribute a center of culture to his nation and humanity as a whole.

Mrs. Gyanee and Irene join me in sending you love and our very affectionate regards to Henry, also remember us to the Girls and The Wheatons.

Bande Matram,

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