Letter from Bhai Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to compatriots

Unsigned letter from Bhai Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to compatriots regarding commemoration of the history of the Hindustan Gadar Party.

Date: October 8, 1950
Subject(s): Gadar Party
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bhagwan Singh Gyanee
Location: Box 8635 - Cole Branch, Los Angeles, CA

Box 8635 - Cole Branch
Los Angeles 46, California
October 8 1950

My dear SrimanJi:
The most important and the most inspiring DAY for all Indians, at home and abroad, the DAY of INDIA'S INDEPENDENCE, is fast approaching. This is the day for which we all have been working, dreaming and suffering,-- for half a century. Now to our joy it has become a reality. January 26 1951 will be the first Anniversary of the REPUBLIC of INDIA -- to be celebrated in America.

What a fitting tribute it would be to all the countless Patriots who sacrificied, suffered and died for the CAUSE of FREEDOM, were it arranged to celebrate this day at the Headquarters of the Hindustan Gadar Party, 5 Wood Street, San Francisco -- which was founded for the very purpose -- "to serve the CAUSE" -- in 1913.

We would not only be honouring the martyred Members of the Gadar Party, but also would be laying the Foundation for an Institution to preserve their records, documents, data, photographs, etc., as authentic research material for future historians. It would also inclue a complete Library on INDIA, for general information, besides becoming a meeting-place for our Country-men and further would serve as the Headquarters for Indo-American Cultural Relations.

I have consulted the Consul General of India and he agrees with me that for this purpose, a PROGRAMME COMMITTEE, composed of Indians, be formed, to map out definite plans for this Celebration. Among other things, this Committee would request the Consul General to perform the Ceremony of HOISTING the NATIONAL FLAG of the REPUBLIC of INDIA over the Gadar Party Headquarters.

Therefore, I write to ask that your organizations or local groups select two members to act as Representatives in this Committee. Time is short and much needs to be done, so please be good enough to let me your reply not later than October 20th.

It would seem most appropriate to hold the Committee's first meeting on the birthday of the Gadar Party, --which falls on November 1st.

Upon receipt of your reply, you will be informed as to the time, place and date of this Special MEETING.

Yours sincerely,

Bhagwan S. Gyanee


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