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Communal Violence in Gujarat & Community Responses in US

Broadcast number 17 of The Chutney Bubble Tea Half Hour looks abroad to the outbreak of deadly communal strife between Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat. Discussing the situation and its complicated context are UT Professor of Asian Studies and Islamic Studies, Akbar Hyder, UT Professor of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies, Kamran Ali, and Asian American Relations Group member, Shams-Tabraiz Muzaffar. Beyond analyzing the current conflict, the show seeks to understand how South Asian Americans should respond in their own communities.

Community Media

Duration: 00:24:46

Date: March 4, 2002
Subject(s): Radio
Type: Audio
Language: English
Source: The Chutney Bubble Tea Half Hour
Creator: Silky Shah, Zafar Shah
Contributor: Tan Doan, Kamran Ali, Akbar Hyder, Shams-Tabraiz Muzaffar
Location: Austin, TX

Holding Institution: University of Texas
Item History: 2012-07-16 (created); 2013-05-04 (modified)

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