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Letter from Har Dayal to Van Wyck Brooks (December 27, 1938)

Har Dayal's letter to Van Wyck Brooks, dated December 27, 1938, was written from Dayal's Philadelphia address. In the letter, Dayal makes plans to meet with Brooks for the following January. Dayal mentions that he has been asked to speak for someone named Dr. Potter's "Humanist Society" in New York.

Freedom Movement

Date: December 27, 1938
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Har Dayal
Location: 701 Park Manor Apts., 40th Street & Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA

701 Park Manor Apts Parkside Avenue Philadelphia (Pa) Dec. 27, 1938 Dear Friend, I hope you are well. I don't think you should take the trouble of coming to New York for me. I should come to Westport on some day that is convenient for you. Are you home on Sundays? May I come & spend a few hours with you on Sunday, January 8th? Or is a weekday more suitable? Please let me know. I can be there about 11.30 a.m. and stay a few hours. It will be a great pleasure to meet after so many years. I am happy to read your name in New York Times. I have been asked by Dr. Potter to speak for his "Humanist Society" in New York. Perhaps you know him. I had a letter from Mrs. Fremont > last week. She spoke of you. With best wishes for a happy & peaceful New Year, Yours fraternally Har Dayal

Holding Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Collection: Van Wyck Brooks Papers
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