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Y.M. Bose, "India's Awakening: The Swadeshi Movement" (1907)

In this January 19 article in The Outlook, Yotrinda Mohan Bose, a Chicago-based physician, explains the rationale behind the movement for Indian independence. Bose writes, "all that is known in this country about India is that it is a country full of snakes and wild beasts, where widows are oppressed, and that it is yearly ravaged by famines, plagues, and other kinds of pestilences." Bose writes sympathetically, if not uncritically, about the role of the Indian National Congress party. Much of the article also focuses on British Policy in India, the role of colonial officials Curzon, Minto, and Morley, and various pro-imperialist arguments, which Bose summarily criticizes. At the same time, Bose uses the example of U.S. in Cuba and the Philippines as a better model of imperialism: "In a few years' connection with 'Uncle Sam' they got ready for at least some measure of self-government."

Freedom Movement

Date: January 19, 1907
Language: English
Source: The Outlook
Creator: Yotindra Mohan Bose

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