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Mahesh Charan Sinha, "India and the Outside World" (1908)

Mahesh Charan Sinha, a graduate student in Oregon, writes on "India and the Outside World" in this January 1908 issue of the Hindustan Review. Sinha describes his experience travelling as a way of gaining insight into "the advantage or disadvantage of one system of thought or work over the other, in different countries." A significant portion of the essay treats the status of the "Hindu" in the U.S. Sinha writes, "In America the 'Hindu' is synonymous with a being highly intellectual," considered "to be a messenger of universal peace, [who] alone will bring about the harmony of the sect-ridden world." Sinha also describes the visit of Swami Vivekananda in Chicago, the work of Vedanta Society in Chicago, as well as the lectures by one "late Swami Ram."

Date: January 1908
Language: English
Source: The Hindustan Review
Creator: Mahesh Charan Sinha

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