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St. Nihal Singh, "Indian Students in America"

Article by St. Nihal Singh on the experiences of Indians students in America, published in the August 1908 issue of the Calcutta-based Modern Review. Singh describes the various reactions that Indians receive from Americans: "To an average American, every one who hails from Hindostan is a "Hindoo" -- and no matter how clever he may be, he is taken for a nirvanic and unanimated character." Elsewhere, Singh writes that for another class of Americans "the Indian is the representative of the dark and dismal regions of 'heathendom.'" Singh also describes the effect of "color prejudice," and how the Indian student is often mistreated as a Negro, and treated poorly as a result, citing the example of one Dr. Nat C. Baynes, from Madras, whose photograph is included in the article. Singh also goes into detail about other issues that face Indian students, including basic sustenance, the cost of living, and so on, and goes into detail about several Americans who have have helped Indian students through collegiate organizations.

Includes nine unique images of the following subjects: 1) Lucy Euphemea Adams, 2) Nat C. Baynes, 3) Jatindra Mohan Bose, 4) Sayyid Mohamad Jaffer, 5) May Wright Sewall, 6) Mr. and Mrs. Forssell, 7) Shankar Rao, 8) Metropolitan Firm of Advertisers (Including an Indian Artist), 9) Indian Students in Chicago.

Early Student Life

Date: August 1908
Language: English
Source: Modern Review
Creator: Saint Nihal Singh

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