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Maud Ralston, "The India Society of Detroit" (1911)

Article from September 1911 issue of Modern Review written by Maud Ralston on the India Society of Detroit. Ralston explains that the membership of the India Society of Detroit is primarily Hindu students at the University of Michigan, earning a technical education. She also remarks on the the organization's nationalist ideology, citing the society's goal of encouraging "Hindus resolved upon establishing national education and rehabilitating their industries." Ralston also touches on certain racial ideologies of the era, emphasizing the common "racial link" between the Caucasian and the South Asian: "The Aryan of the East has found an Aryan in the West and is one at home in a strange land." Furthermore, she explains how the "high-caste Indian gentleman" distinguishes himself from African-Americans by wearing a turban, protecting himself from "color-prejudice."

Early Student Life

Date: September 1911
Subject(s): India Society of Detroit
Type: Text
Language: English
Source: Modern Review
Creator: Maud Ralston
Location: Detroit, MI

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