Hyphen American

Directed by: Chai Dingari

Inspired by Martin Scorsese's "Italianamerican", this short documentary tells the story of a new age of immigrant families, focusing on the story of one family's journey to the United States from India and the ripple effects they experience across two generations.

Every first-generation immigrant family is united by one thing - at some point they made a decision to take one of the most drastic actions imaginable. They uprooted themselves from the country and culture they grew up in, left behind everything they knew and moved across the globe to an entirely alien place. There are millions of stories like this, each with their own unique heartbreaks and victories. This short documentary is a glimpse into the life of one South Asian American family who immigrated to the United States in 1994. The filmmaker, Chai Dingari interviews his parents and sister to craft a story of how their decision to move came about and how it has affected their lives over the last twenty years.

Directed by Chai Dingari and featuring Durga, Sreenivas and Spoorthi Dingari.

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