Thursday, October 4, 2012 @ 11am PT

Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference

Participant(s): Sara Beckman
Summer 2012 Intern, Sara Beckman presents on her internship project with SAADA. Sara was responsible for enhancing Wikipedia articles to include links to relevant materials in the SAADA website.
"Have you created a digital archive or library and are just not getting the traffic that you thought you would? Have you suggested to users to check your website and they have responded with “I didn’t even know this existed!”?

Every information professional wants their efforts to be utilized by our intended user. However if we are not reaching out to where are users congregate, how can we be sure they even know our awesome resources exist?

This session will explore how the South Asian American Digital Archive has reached out to online users by bringing our resources to where they most commonly congregate. SAADA is currently using Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia as gateways to drive traffic to the archive. I will discuss what tactics have been most successful for us and just how quickly we saw results once we began taking our information to the user."